Soccer Player Turned Fisherman! Wait...What?

Who knew fishing would be this enjoyable?!

They say I am "The Fish Whisperer", one still in training at least. I beg to differ. However, my name is Ken Willis, but you can call me Kiki.

I know some of you are thinking "How can someone who has played soccer all of their life, had a successful career, and gave that up to go fishing?" The Answer is simple! There is no pressure! I have lived my entire life in the face of pressure, but fishing offered me a release, an escape from reality so to speak. The more I fished, the more that flame of passion grew. Fishing is something made for all demographics, all ages, and sexes. Fishing is universal, and is something everyone can enjoy.

I was introduced to this "lifestyle" called fishing at the age of 5, and I have yet to look back. My late uncle, Emmanuel "Dee" Brown, is who I have to thank for that. Everything I know about fishing came from him. Let's just say I closely watched, followed, mimicked every single thing that he did, looks like it worked. I don't think I turned out to be too bad of a fisherman lol! Detail! Detail! Detail! That word was on constant repeat. Details play a major factor in your fishing success. Everything down to the direction the wind is blowing, the color of the water, seagulls flying over head. Those are things you never think to ever pay attention to, and he taught me that. I remember all of the times he said "Thumbs up" to something I've done well, or him telling me a story, and ending it with "I'm Telling You." You knew it was serious when those words were uttered. Rest his soul. He was in tune with nature, and I am following in his footsteps.

When I started my company I had no clue what type of response I would get, but I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of support I got with all of the likes and follows, people sharing my page. It has been a gratifying experience to say the least.

I want to THANK YOU ALL for subscribing to my newsletter, but more importantly, supporting me on this journey.

I will be offering exemplary customer service to go along with the wonderful products, and unique apparel we have to offer to you. There will be a plethora of videos, how to's, tips and tricks, stories, everything you will need to be a better fisherman. Some of it will provide you a better understanding of who I am.

I want to THANK YOU again. I hope to all that read this, if you have never fished, give it a go. You will be surprised with the scenery and relaxation that this "lifestyle" has to offer! Also in the comments below, let me know about topics you would like me to talk about or show!

Fish ON!

Ken "Kiki" Willis

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