Introducing Children To Fishing!

It goes without saying, KIDS ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING IN THE OUTDOORS!!! Whether it's playing tag football with their friends, shooting some hoops in the back yard, playing tag, and wrestling in the dirt. These are all things kids love to do, but why not start them out with something that is a challenge, and also provides a learning opportunity for them as well. Fishing is never the same on any given day, this provides kids an opportunity to figure things out, and observe what is going on around them. Once a child gets in tune with nature and fishing, there is no turning back.

I am very thankful that I was introduced to the sport of fishing at such a young age, and now I have the opportunity to pass down all the knowledge that I have to a young man who is as passionate about the sport as I am. His name is Julian, he is 6 years old, and he is my son.  Watching him fish, and dissect my brain on how things work and how to catch fish is simply amazing. He is so inquisitive, and that leads to knowledge gain. We spend all of our free time on the water from spring to fall, and I have yet to see a kid truly happy spending time on the water. Julian likes to call our time together "Bro-Time" which I think is just awesome. We get a lot of "Bro-Time" together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have any of you realized how stress free you are after fishing, and how sacked out your kids are once you get in the car and hit thee ol' dusty trail home? It takes quite a bit of patience, but I can promise you there is nothing else more rewarding then spending time outdoors with your children. Let them get dirty, and get dirty with them. Show them the ins-and-outs such as breaking a worm in half, putting a maggot on a hook, rigging a minnow with a bobber set up. These are all so fun, and it erases fear at an early age.  Teach them about conservation, and how beautiful nature is. These times are important as the Children are our future.

Get them into the outdoors, and always remember to "FISH ON"!!

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