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Introducing Children To Fishing!

It goes without saying, KIDS ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING IN THE OUTDOORS!!! Whether it's playing tag football with their friends, shooting some hoops in the back yard, playing tag, and wrestling in the dirt. These are all things kids love to do, but why not start them out with something that is a challenge, and also [...]

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Better Hook Ups!!

Here is a quick tip from Julian and I over at Fish Whisperer tackle. It offers a pretty simple way to guarantee more hook ups with fish, and also a way for you to get many of your snagged baits back! Remember to like and share as well. We can also be found on instagram [...]

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Newest Pro Staffer!

I would like to introduce Mr. Zack Murphy!! Zach hails out of Painsville, Ohio were he does most of his fishing up on Lake Erie. He is a multi species fisherman, and is constantly reeling something in from Smallmouth, Steelhead, Rock Bass, Crappie, Etc... He is the first member to be added to my Pro [...]

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